Connecting grids,the backbone of future energy systems?

Connecting grids

High-performing transmission grids are the backbone of the entire power system. Siemens has compiled a solution-oriented, integrated portfolio for grid operators It comprises products and solutions for efficient and reliable power supply with a focus on long-distance transmission, the grid integration of renewables, and strengthened grid stability. Along with Siemens‘ unparalleled expertise in digitalization, it helps develop new, targeted, and sustainable approaches in close cooperation with the customers.

Efficient long-distance transmission

The distance between the centers of load in high densely populated areas and the places of generation keeps growing – not only because renewable resources are often abundant in remote areas. New technical approaches make it possible to get power to where it is needed in an efficient, reliable, and socially acceptable manner.

The cost of renewable energy needs to be further reduced to bring together the need for zero-emission power generation and economic efficiency. New, highly cost-effective ways of connecting renewable generation to the grid are a significant contribution to this aim.

Higher grid stability

The operation of power transmission systems has never been more demanding. Many new stakeholders, new sources of energy, fluctuating demand, and new regulations need to be considered, while the grids need to be able to react to an increasing degree of volatility. The application of new, digitally driven solutions helps ensure stable grid operation under these new conditions

Posted on Tuesday Jul 5